Odd People in 12-Word Stories

Twelve-word stories spilled from my sleepy mind every morning for several months. Themes emerged: animals, the cosmos, time, people, words, the nature of things. The following stories have to do with people and relationships. Don’t search too long for deeper meanings, because you won’t find anything. Remember my mental state when I wrote these: heavy from dreamtime, eager to get to the bathroom, irritated with my cat for stomping on me.

Maud Wagner, 1907, the first known female tattoo artist.

A Twist of Tats

Dragon crawls off Tattoo Lady. Freedom! Tattoo Lady stares from dragon skin.

Charlie closes his eyes, dreams of rainbow trees, grape popsicles flying high.

Max meddled one time too many. Muffy’s whiskers were snipped to shreds. 

Thoughts crept low, slinking around Ted’s toes until he scratched his ears. 

Wanda wanted beauty. So she traveled into the clouds, drifting to 


Mary hisses. Ann spits. Mary trembles. Ann breathes. Mary yearns. Both melt. 

Squeezing mother’s rants to whispers, Lisa slipped on her new strapless dress. 

Wallace wandered with one goal: Shake the stares off his feathered chapeaux. 

Underneath his bed Lyle’s shoes shuffled, flipped their tongues, searched their soles.

I had a boy who grew bigger and bigger into a man. 

Bickering sisters Mel and Jude bought sour milk. No good on cereal  

Fifi poodle sported bald spots and patchy sprigs. “Oh Billy!” Mom cried.

A curious odor wafted around Melvin’s bedroom until he opened the door. 

2 thoughts on “Odd People in 12-Word Stories

  1. I like this concept of 12 word stories. It will be fun to go back after some time and read them. Would you ask yourself “where did this come from?”


    1. Several times I’ve gone back and read my stories weeks later with no recollection of ever having written them. Sometimes I’m delighted with what I wrote, and asked myself, “where did this come from?” With some, I’m quite unimpressed and don’t care! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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