A tale of sparkly treasures, mangled words, peculiar meetings, and a packrat who discovers the meaning of family and home.

Everything is perfect in Flora’s packrat life, although there’s something awful about the dreaded cliff. “Beware!” packrats warn, and Flora’s stomach twists into knots. But when she learns about the ancestral packrat home stuffed in the cliff’s crack and the intruder who has taken over, everything changes. Including Flora’s perfect life.

Winner!!! 2021 Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Award in Animals/Pets/Nature Fiction

Finalist!!! 2021 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards in Juvenile Fiction and Animals/Pets

Finalist! 2022 New Mexico Press Women’s Award in Children’s Fiction

“This is a delightful story for young readers interested in animals and nature. . . .a feast for developing vocabularies, as Flora—who talked early—loves words and puns. The resulting text is linguistically rich and frequently humorous. Spot art at the beginnings of chapters helps readers visualize the animals and setting, enhancing the mood of the story. An entertaining animal adventure.” Kirkus Reviews

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There was a pattern. About 11:00 PM the entire gang was running laps on the ceiling planking, leaping electrical wires and dancing jigs.

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“I trailed the snake fifty feet to a juniper at the corner of the building. Beneath the tree it curled its ungainly body into a corkscrew, raised its head, and fastened its eyes on me, its tail doing a rattle dance.”

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I have to explain the word “poop.” I’m thinking if he doesn’t already know this, I’ve got a problem. Should I demonstrate, perhaps? Play acting, of course.