I’m a wanderer—to places in the world and to pockets in my mind. I’m fascinated by all of it–especially how my thoughts manifest in my physical journey. Those pockets tucked in my consciousness are the source of endless play, creation, becoming, connection. And surprises. Sometimes they cast me off on rides that are dark, lonely, fretful. More often, they catapult me into worlds of wonder and sometimes even, moments of sublime joy. As I share reflections of my wanderings, I hope that readers will dip into their own mind pockets—turn them inside out, allow them to breathe, and explore the journey, wherever it goes.

As I travel, I love knowing that others are right with me in spirit, sharing my joys, frustrations, and delight as I negotiate the ways of different places and cultures. Since 2010 I have blogged from Honduras, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Bali, Vietnam, and India. I don’t blog during every trip. It depends on my mood, wifi availability, and my experiences.

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My travel blog includes stories such as:

Image of Joy: How I found a blissful moment of joy with a remarkable monk on an unremarkable hill outside Kampot, Cambodia.


A Load of Buddha: That woman just wouldn’t unlatch herself from my waist. She used me as a human plow as I fought my way through a packed festival crowd at the site of a giant Buddha in Burma.

Loss: A young girl had been trampled by an elephant near Chi Phat, Cambodia. I attended her funeral.

A Day in Chi Phat: A day in this small Cambodian village where I volunteered to train tour guides seemed packed with events. On that day, I:  rode my bicycle, met a woman whose name means “millionaire,” spoke in the Khmer language to a class of youngsters while my godson laughed at me outside, tried to teach a guide the proper way to pronounce “poop”, watched my godson battle a brush fire while wearing his flip-flops, ate sticky milk fruit, and got jabbed on the toes by a duckling.


Rangoli Zen:  In a neighborhood of Madurai, India, I watched a young woman create a colorful design that would exist only a few hours before she would destroy and replace it with another.


Angels of Madurai: I had fallen in love with a street puppy I found on my daily walks in Madurai, India. But one day I found it gravely wounded on the head. Then the angels came.


Just Climb: Yeah, I’m getting older, but I’ve still got the energy and determination to climb 1700 steps to the top of a sacred mountain in Bali, despite rain, sneaky monkeys, gallons of sweat and rickety knees.